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What Does Web Hosting Include?

Web hosting can include many different things. And some companies approach web hosting like a one size fits all thing. However at Splibit we understand that your company is unique and subsequently has its own unique needs when it comes to hosting.
First off, what is web hosting? Well without web hosting, your website wont exist where people can find it. You might be able to keep it on a thumb drive, or on your computer, but others wont be able to find it.
So if web hosting is needed in order for people to find my website, isn’t all web hosting the same then? Yes and no. In its most basic form, web hosting is the action that lets others access it in the web. However the services that you get WITH your web hosting, can be very different and varied.
If you website exists on the web, but nothing ever changes on it, technology, and the search engines themselves will quickly expand past your websites ability to keep up and connect effectively. If a company is charging you just $30 or $40 for hosting, chances are that they are simply maintaining the connection to the web. Rapidly, your website will be a forgotten presence online and you will cease getting customers from your website.
At Splibit, we make sure that our web hosting is always custom crafted to meet you and your companies website needs. This includes things like adding content constantly to avoid the search engines thinking that your company is out of business due to nothing changing on the website. We also include updates to the website technology and adjustments as needed to ensure connectivity with the web.

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Did you know that Splibit can offer website support and web hosting on a website that we didn’t even build? With our top notch technical team, we can adjust what needs adjusting on an existing website, and usher it into our web hosting and support team without you having to pay for a new website. This is often a way to take advantage of Splibits world class service and hosting, without having to pay for a whole new website. Even Splibits premiere web hosting is available to companies that didn’t use our team to build their original website.